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2FA Reset Instruction

To restore access to your account, please send us a photo of you holding both simultaneously your passport and letter with the date, your signature and the following request to reset the 2FA associated with your account: “I, ‘name’, would like to reset 2FA for the user ‘email’ associated with the company ‘name of the company’.” After we receive the mentioned photo, we will reset your 2FA and will notify you about that. During your next login, you will be asked to enable 2FA. Please follow the instructions shown on the screen and do not forget to save the secret code for a simpler restore procedure next time. For video-instructions on our Youtube channel, please follow the link below:

Incorrect 2FA - possible reasons

If you receive the notification “2FA incorrect” during the login process, please check the following: 1. Go to time checker portal from your computer and check if the time on your phone has no delays. 2. Check that the time and the time zone on your device used for login (e.g. laptop) and phone are the same. 3. Check that the time on your phone is set to be automated and the time zone is also set correctly. Try to turn off and turn back on “Set time automatically” feature. If the issue is still there, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to change my password?

On the Login page, press “Forgot Password?” and enter the email you would like to receive a letter with further instructions to.

If I received an email about a login from a new device, but have not been logging in from a new device

When your browser is updated, the next login will be considered as a login from a new device. As a result, you will receive the following email: _______________________________________ A login into your account was detected from: • IP address: ************ • location: ************ • User agent: Browser, Device, Version _______________________________________ We kindly advice you to check your IP address using external services. If the IP address from the email matches your IP address, then there is nothing to worry about. Otherwise, please contact us at immediately.