Alternative solutions to classical banking

We are proud to be a part of the competition to traditional banking. Eliminating the flaws and incoveniences of the banking sector yet maintaining all it's essential feautures is the ultimate goal of AltPay. This requires us to be in step with times and that is what we do best.

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Fully integrated online banking solution aimed at helping clients to save money and grow globally.

Open account online

Easy and straigntforward account opening procedure, online ID verification, get your new banking details within 24 hours.

Gain secure access

Set up Two-factor authentication for online banking access and outbound payments, no special authorisation devices.

Send and receive funds

Make local and international transfers via SEPA and SWIFT, send and receive funds in over 25 currencies, explore seamless transacting with multicurrency IBAN.

Great exchange rates

Dynamic FX rates trailing mid-market rates with minimal margin, maximise value using exchange rates close to FX market rates.

Track your finances & balance

Focused user-friendly online banking user interface, only essential features, three-click outbound payments, transparrent fee structure.

AltPay payment card

Vital payment channel for everyday life, available for private individuals and companies from the European Economic Area, virtual cards and contactless physical cards for instant access to finances at all times.

AltPay account gives you access to an extensive multi-currency e-wallet for your business.

Our payment network allows you to develop your business internationally without any limitations whatsoever. Increase revenues and save precious time using AltPay.

Local and cross-border transfers in over 25 currencies.

Domestic and international payments to over 100 countries.

Transfers within SEPA and SWIFT.

Altpay Mastercard coming soon

AltPay anticipates to launch a uniquely designed card programme in early 2020 to deliver an essential component in modern life — access to funds at all times. AltPay cards will be available for private individuals and companies from the European Economic Area and designed to respond to every need of our Client. Full range of products will be provided, including instant access to account balance via physical or virtual cards, contactless technology, refundable and non-refundable cards. AltPay is on track to proudly become a registered Mastercard Program Manager to secure the ability to deliver this vital product to our customers.