Business account fees

Our fee structure is transparent and clear for everyone. We have separated all crucial points for you.
  • Account maintance
  • Transfer in GBP £
  • Card fees
DescriptionUK ResidentsEEA Residents*International**
Account Opening30 EUR50 - 100 EUR350 - 2000 EUR
Current account maintenance (per month)10 EUR30 EUR50 - 100 EUR
Payment cancellation/investigation25 EUR50 EUR50 EUR
Reference letterFREE15 EUR30 EUR
Transfers between AltPay user accountsFREEFREE1 EUR
Annual account balance fee***0.75% (below 100 000 EUR) 1.00% (from 100 000 EUR)0.75% (below 100 000 EUR) 1.00% (from 100 000 EUR)0.75% (below 100 000 EUR) 1.00% (from 100 000 EUR)
Account closure feeFREE30 EUR50 EUR

* Legal entity is considered an EEA Resident and qualifies for the aforementioned fee structure if the following conditions are met:

  1. - The entity is registered in an EEA country.
  2. - The UBO(s) and any authorised representatives of the company have an EEA residency.

** Clients falling into the International category are subject to individual fees which may be assigned based on the onboarding case specifics.

*** Annual account balance fee is calculated daily based on your balances across all currencies and then the accrued amount is automatically charged from your account on the first day of each month.

**** Payments to/from high-risk jurisdictions require enhanced due diligence and could be subject to additional fees.