Refund Policy


This Refund Policy (“Policy”) applies to purchases made via User Profile with a payment card (credit or debit card). By purchase (“Purchase”) herein is meant a top-up of the Customer Account using a payment card for the amount specified by Customer during the top-up.

This Policy describes, how refunds are being handled, in cases when there is an error with Purchase, as described below.

Since no physical item is actually being sold to Customer, AltPay offers no return policy.

Customer is aware that the Account top-up results in money being electronically issued to the Customer for the amount of such top-up less Fees applied. Therefore, regulation in regard to electronic money issuance and redemption shall be applied to the transaction that may reflect and have a priority over the refund procedures under Visa / Mastercard regulations.

AltPay may amend this Policy at its own discretion and the current version shall be always available at AltPay Webpage

Definitions used in this Policy have the same meaning as defined under AltPay General Terms and Conditions.

Eligible transactions

Refund is allowed only in respect to the following types of transaction:
- Customer’s card was debited, but no funds were credited to the Account (a full refund);
- Account is credited for the amount less than the amount Customer’s card was debited for, considering all applicable Fees (a partly refund).

Name on the card used for the Purchase shall be the same as the name of the Account holder.

Should a currency conversion appear during Purchase, resulting in less amount was credited to the Account, it may not serve as a ground for refund, provided the rate used was applied according to AltPay General Terms and Conditions and / or applicable Visa/Mastercard regulation.

AltPay, at any time, should it notice any errors with previous Purchases, may refund the Customer.

No bonuses or discounts are being offered upon or instead of refund.

All funds that were duly credited to Customer’s Account (i.e., resulted in issuance of the electronic money to Customer) may not be requested back under the refund procedure.

Times frames

Customer must file its request for a refund not later than on 180th day since the date of initial Purchase.

Refunds are handled and a response will be given to Customer within 15 business days.

In case Customer is not satisfied with decision of AltPay on particular refund, it may submit a claim via its card issuing bank, or submit a claim to AltPay under AltPay General Terms and Conditions.


Only Fees for the top-up are applied (as mentioned in Fees Section at the AltPay Webpage), however the processing of Customer’s request for refund is free of charge.