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Making Payments

What If the beneficiary name is too long?

The part of the beneficiary’s name which does not fit into the name field, can be written in the first line of address.

If It looks like you have entered an invalid IBAN

If you are confused by the sentence “It looks like you have entered an invalid IBAN number”, please do not worry – it is just a notification to let you know that we could not recognise the account number entered. Hence, if you are certain that the given number is correct, please proceed with the payment.

How to create a beneficiary?

Please go to the Beneficiaries section. In the top right corner, press the button “Add Beneficiary”. In the new pop-up window, choose whether it will be an Individual or a Company. Finally, fill in all the necessary information and press “Review”. Please check that all the details are correct and then create a beneficiary.

How to make a payment?

We have several options where a new payment can be made from: 1. When you are on our Dashboard, you will see “Make payment” button in the top left corner. 2. If you go to the Wallets section, you can either click on the wallet and find “Make payment” in the top left corner or simply navigate on the wallet and press Make payment. 3. Finally, you can go to the Beneficiaries section, navigate on beneficiary you want to pay, and press “Pay”. After that, the new window will pop-up. Depending on the method you used to open “Make payment”, the wallet and beneficiary fields can be auto filled. Next, please enter the amount you want to pay, type in the reference to the payment for information purposes and press “Next”. Please bear in mind that you will be obliged to attach supporting document(s) if the payment is more or equal to 10000.00. Finally, please review the information you have entered. When you are sure that all the details are correct, please create a payment and sign it later or create and sign the payment immediately with the 2FA code.

How to change beneficiary details

At the moment, in order to change the beneficiary details, you have to delete an existing beneficiary and create a new one with updated information. Please be informed that we are working on the faster way of changing beneficiary details and will inform you as soon as it will go live.

How to repeat a payment?

First of all, please bear in mind that the payment can be repeated only when the payment has the “Completed” status. If you would like to repeat a payment, you can find the corresponding payment in Transactions section, Dashboard or inside the wallet of the corresponding currency. Please click on the payment you would like to repeat. A new window will pop-up, on the bottom press “Repeat payment”. After that, the new payment window will appear, and you are free to make a payment as usual.

Where to check payment status?

If you would like to know the status of your payment, please click on the payment. In Payment Details you will find the section “Status” in the middle of the third row. Possible payment statuses: “New” - Payment is under review. “Process” - Payment is processing. “Completed” - Payment has been sent. “Rejected” - Payment has been rejected by our Team. “Cancelled” - Payment has been cancelled by the client himself. “Failed” - Payment has not been executed due to technical reasons.

Where to find payment rejection reason?

If your payment is rejected, please click on the payment. In Payment Details you will see the reason for rejection coloured in red, under all other details.

What if I want to cancel the payment?

After a payment is created, our Payments Department will have to approve the payment. Hence, the payment cancellation procedure differs depending on the payment status. If your payment has not yet been completed, please enter the payment you would like to cancel and and on the bottom press “Cancel payment”. If your payment has already been completed, please send us a free-form request mentioning payment details to .

Available payment methods

We provide the following payment methods: SEPA SEPA stands for the Single Euro Payments Area. It is the new format for cross-border euro (EUR) bank transfers. SEPA aims to make cross-border EUR transfers within this area equivalent to a domestic transfer within your own country. SEPA is made up of the Eurozone and countries within the EU. SEPA Instant SEPA Instant is a new bank transfer technology that allows for euro transactions to be processed in seconds, regardless of the weeks’ time and day. Unlike most payment methods, the speed is independent of account provider’s underlying payment clearing and settlement arrangements. The maximum transaction limit set by the SEPA Instant is £250,000. SWIFT payment The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication - shortened to SWIFT - is a network that allows banks to communicate financial information securely. SWIFT payments are offered by most banks for international money transfers, and involve a series of banks which work together to make sure your money ends up in the right place. Your SWIFT payment can end up being moved between 1 - 3 correspondent, or intermediary banks, before reaching your recipient. SWIFT payments are the most common choice for making international payments - but they’re not necessarily the cheapest or fastest option out there. CHAPS payment The Clearing House Automated Payment System - CHAPS - has been in operation since 1984. CHAPS payments are used for retail and wholesale, high value payments within the UK. CHAPS payments are usually worth over £10,000, and can be settled immediately, making them perfect for large, and critical transfers which must be received right away. Faster Payments Faster Payments are available for bank-to-bank transfers within the UK, and are typically one of the quicker ways to move money between bank accounts. In most cases, Faster Payments transfer is processed in a matter of seconds. The maximum transaction limit set by the Faster Payments operator is £1,000,000.

How to make a local GBP payment?

When creating a beneficiary, select GBP as the currency. Once done, two tabs will appear - International and Local. Select Local, enter the Account number and Sort code. Usually, you can find them on the issued invoice. After that, please make a payment to the beneficiary that you have just created with the GBP Account number and Sort Code.