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Managing my account

How to find my Wallet details?

Please go to the Wallets section, click on the corresponding wallet and go to “More actions” in the top right corner. After that, please click on “Banking details”. Please note that they can be used for EUR transactions via SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) only. For video-instructions on our Youtube channel, please follow the link below:

What if the statement is not downloading?

It seems like your browser is blocking the pop-up window. When you request a Report via an internet bank, it is ready for you almost immediately. Please check the top left and right corners of your browser window to see if it is asking for your permission to access the report.

How to change an e-mail address for the main user?

Please send one photo of the Authorised person (director or attorney) holding both simultaneously, ID/passport and the paper letter with the following text to “I, 'Name of Authorised person”, would like to change the email of the main user associated with the company ‘Name of the Company’ from ‘old email’ to ‘new email’ ."

Adding a new user

Please log in to your internet bank, go to Settings, then go to Account Users, press Add Users, enter required data and choose corresponding Access Options. After that, complete user creation with the two-factor authentication. Finally, press Save. For video-instructions on our Youtube channel, please follow the link below:

Change of director - procedure

Please be informed that it is your responsibility to inform us regarding the change of director or UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner). If the change of director takes place, please provide the following information and documents regarding new director or UBO: - Legal rationale of the change ; - ID/passport ; - Proof of address (not older than 3 months) ; - Source of funds and business experience (CV, dividends, salary, tax declaration, account statement, etc.) ; - Phone number ; - E-mail address. Additional information might be required at a later stage.

How to manage notifications?

Please log in to your internet bank, go to Settings, then go to Notifications and tick boxes that most relate to you. For video-instructions on our Youtube channel, please follow the link below:

My First Login

Welcome to AltPay! For your first login, you will need the email address you used for Registration and the password you have created during the first stage of Registration. When the new page is loaded, you will be asked to enable the 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). Press Enable and follow instructions described in the following window. Please save the secret code for a simpler restoring procedure. After that, please start enjoying the numerous online banking features!

My First Deposit

As your account has two wallets (EUR and GBP) straight after opening, you have a choice of what currency you want to make a first deposit in. However, if you want to make a deposit in another currency, please see How to add a new currency wallet. If you want to make a deposit in EUR, please jump into How to find my Wallet details?. For GBP, go into the GBP wallet and press Banking details in the top right corner. You will see three tabs - International DK, International GB and Local. If you need to receive an international transfer from outside the UK, you can use the banking details located under either the International DK or GB tabs. To find the Sort Code and Account Number for Faster payments, please see the Local tab.

What if my account is blocked?

If you are unable to login into your account for any reason, please check your email inbox and spam folder. If there is no email from us, then please contact us via .

How can I get an official letter with my account details?

Simply send us an email to with the free-form request to prepare a Reference Letter which will be signed and stamped. A standard Reference letter contains the following information: - Company name - Company Registration Number - Company address - Currencies of wallets assigned to the account - Account opening date Requisites: IBAN, BIC/SWIFT, Bank Name, Bank Address If you require additional information on your Reference Letter, please mention it in your request.

What is the ability to disable 2FA for?

First of all, please bear in mind that you will not be able to operate in your account without enabling the 2FA. Hence, you have to disable the 2FA if you would like to change the device used for your Google Authenticator account. For that, please press the small downward arrow next to the company name in the top right corner and press Settings. In the newly opened menu please go to Security, press Disable 2FA, enter your password, enter 2FA code, tick the box after reading the text next to it. Finally, press Disable. During your next login, you will be asked to enable 2FA. Simply follow the instructions on the screen using your new device.

How to change my account details?

Unfortunately, you cannot change your account details through our system apart from the password. If you need to make any changes to your details, please send us a free-form request mentioning the details you would like to change and attach supporting documents.

Where to find payment confirmation?

First of all, please bear in mind that the payment confirmation is available only when the payment has the status “Completed”. If you would like to obtain confirmation of a payment, you can find the corresponding payment in the Transactions section. Please click on the payment you would like to receive the confirmation for. A new window will pop-up, on the bottom press “Get payment confirmation”. After that, it will be downloaded onto your device. If that does not happen, please check the settings of your browser, and allow downloads from our website.

How to close my account?

Please login into your account. In the upper right corner you will see the name of your company. Please click on it and go to “Settings”. Next, find the “Account” tab in the menu on the left and click on the “Close” button. Please enter your 2FA Code from Google Authenticator and press the “Confirm” button.