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Registration Procedure

All about ID Verification

## What is the Identity Document Verification? Identity verification ensures that there is a real person behind a process and proves that they are who they claim to be. During the Identity Document Verification, we collect, analyse, and verify your identity document, such as your passport or national ID card. ## ID Verification Description The ID Verification procedure consists of two or three steps depending on what type of document you use: Passport: The first step will be to take a picture of your passport main page. If successful, you will be taken to the second step where you will need to complete a Face Identification. For this, please adjust your phone accordingly for your face to fit in an oval which will appear on your screen. The checks can even include a biometric age evaluation and comparing that to the date provided in a document. ID card: You will be asked to take photos of the front and back of your document as the first and second step. The third step is Face Identification (as described above). ## Why is my Verification declined? Your verification could fail due to poor quality of the photos taken. Please ensure that the photos are of good quality and taken with a good light arrangement to make sure your face is clearly seen. In addition, please bear in mind that you cannot go through the Verification procedure via a video call or by showing photos to the camera. Finally, do not let anyone be around you during the verification process as their presence can also be the reason of a failed verification. ## What to do if my verification has failed and it wasn’t for obvious reasons? Please contact us at .

Registration form

Our registration procedure consists of 3 stages: 1. Main contact details and password; 2. ID Verification; 3. Company details. ### Main contact details and password The first thing that you will be asked to enter is an email address that will be used as your login and as the primary contact. After that, please press on “Send code”, you will be sent a code to your email for its verification. Enter it in the corresponding field below. If the code is correct, a green confirmation will appear above that field. The same applies to your mobile number. Finally, please create your password, repeat it, and then press “Save & Proceed”. ### ID Verification Please jump into All about ID Verification. You may now save your details. If you ever need to come back to your registration form, you may do so by following the link which was sent to your email. ### Company details #### Step 1. Company Info Please fill in the main details about the Company and attach as many corporate documents as you can. For the full list of what you should provide, please click here. #### Step 2. Legal Address In this section, you are simply required to enter the Registration Address of the Company you would like to open an account for. #### Step 3. Operating Address Operating Address is a location where the Company carries out its business. Hence, please enter the full address. #### Step 4. DIrector or attorney This section must be filled in with the details of the Authorised Signatory – an individual who is an official representative of the company. It can either be a Director of the company or an Attorney. You will be asked to provide an ID/passport and Proof of Address (e.g. utility bill, bank statement). #### Step 5. UBO UBO stands for Ultimate Beneficial Owner. It must be an individual rather than entity. Hence, if the shareholders of the Company are entities, please enter the last participants of the ownership structure. You will be asked to provide an ID/passport, Proof of Address and Source of Funds (e.g. tax declaration, bank statement, salary, dividends) . #### Step 6. Business partners Here you need to enter the details of your current partners, for both incoming and outgoing payments. Provide a brief description of the business relationship and attach supporting documents. Please note that each partner is added separately. #### Step 7. KYC for Business The last section should contain a business model of the client and its counter-parties. In addition, it should contain information about the planned transaction volume and source of funds used. #### Finish Finally, please review all of the information you have entered, read our Terms & Conditions, tick the box that you agree with them and press “Finish” to complete your Registration form.

After my registration is completed, what happens next?

After your registration is complete, our Onboarding Team will review it. If additional information is required, you will receive an email with a request to provide it. Otherwise, you will either receive a Welcome letter saying that the account has been approved or a rejection notice. Hence, please keep an eye on your inbox and check the spam folder too, just in case.